Tuesday, November 20, 2012

when those unjust ask for justice

even those who are unjust ask for justice, let alone those who fear their God (regardless of what faith)

I have to restrain myself,
not to make haste in action or words
whenever i feel my anger is because of nafs, not sincerity.
Thus i leave it to Allah, yet it does not mean i give up passively.

i may be not loud in fighting it,
it's because i fear my nafs will ruin it,
and something else might easily take control
and laugh at it.

i just want to fight it in positive energy, guided by Allah,
not by my nafs and especially and eventually by that something else.
Because if you really know me
and us
we are easily affected by negative energy, that cunning whispers,
O Allah, i give it to You to take control of it.

So dear my assertive and aggressive friends,
just be husnuzon,
i'm saying my prayer for all of them...
and i pray for myself too, inshaaAllah, my faith grow stronger,
as i have faith (it's from Allah)
and patience (it's from Allah too)
O Allah, strengthen my faith

O Allah the Most Just
O Allah the Most Merciful

la hawla wala quwwata illa billah

***open for grammar correction